Rohde and Schwarz


Scope of service

The Digital TV changeover was a rolling programme of transmitter updates which took place between 2009 and 2012. Carry Gently was asked to play a key role by delivering the upgrade transmitter equipment to circa 55 transmitter sites throughout the UK. In addition, we were contracted to relocate containerised contingency back-up transmitter systems between key sites.


Our solution

Using our own vehicles, Carry Gently collected the new equipment for each transmitter site from a manufacturing plant in southern Germany, bringing it back to our Aldershot warehouse pending preparations at delivery sites being completed. Site Surveys were undertaken by our surveyor at the transmitter locations and Method Statements and Risk Assessments were prepared accordingly. The remoteness of the delivery locations and the poor quality of the access roads presented a challenge and in many cases larger vehicles were unable to reach the sites. This problem was overcome by trans-shipping the consignments to smaller vehicles, which then carried out shuttle runs to the final location. Once at site, the equipment was unpacked and positioned to point of use inside the transmitter station and all waste packing materials were removed.

The specialist containers holding the back-up transmitter systems were too high to be brought by road to the UK from the manufacturing plant. To overcome this issue Carry Gently made arrangements for the containers to be transported by rail. The containers were then moved by low-loaders to the transmitter sites. At site, the containers had to be craned into position. Our surveyor, who is also a qualified (Appointed Person) to supervise crane operations, had prepared the necessary drawings at the time the Site Surveys were undertaken.


Customer benefit

By engaging Carry Gently, the customer had the comfort of knowing that these business critical consignments would be in the care of just one company from the time they left the manufacturing plant until they reached the delivery site.

The movement of the containers required the use of a variety of specialist sub-contracted services but Carry Gently took responsibility for all subcontractor engagement, meaning our customer had just one point of contact during the entire delivery process.

The fact that we could provide a member of staff qualified to oversee crane operations negated the need for a Contract Lift, thus saving the customer a significant amount of money.