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Q – Can I monitor my goods in your warehouse?

Yes, you can. We can offer you a guest login into our CCTV system enabling remote viewing (via PC, tablet or smart-phone) of your kit in our warehouse.

Q – Where do you provide transport services?

Services using our own vehicles are provided throughout the UK and Europe. We also provide worldwide air and sea freight services.

Q – Do you provide services outside of normal working hours?

Our transport and installation services are provided at any time of day, 365 days a year. A significant amount of our work, particularly in relation to IT relocations, is undertaken at weekends or overnight.

Q – Will my consignment be insured during transit?

Some customers prefer to rely on their own insurance arrangements while others prefer to rely on the cover afforded by our Freight Liability policy. Customers wishing to rely on our policy must check that the cover provided is sufficient for their purpose. Subject to policy terms, our Freight Liability policy will cover physical loss or damage to equipment that is clearly attributable to the actions of Carry Gently. It will not cover matters that may be viewed as an intrinsic risk of moving delicate equipment, for example, a disk failure in conjunction with an IT relocation. Importantly, cover under our Freight Liability policy extends to the handling of equipment from and to the points of use, not just during transit.

The level of cover provided can be agreed as part of contractual arrangements or can vary from job to job. We have access to cover of up to £2m under our own policy without the need for underwriter approval. Due to our excellent no claims record, obtaining cover in excess of £2m is unlikely to present a problem but we would always ask customers to seriously consider the amount of risk exposure in any one vehicle.

Q – Can I remotely monitor a vehicle's progress in transit?

Yes. We can provide a guest login to our vehicle tracking system, which allows customers to monitor the progress of vehicles between collection and delivery sites.

Q – Can you provide Security Cleared staff?

Yes. All Carry Gently staff have been security cleared to IL6 in accordance with HM Government National Security Vetting procedures. This is often referred to as an SC Clearance.

The majority of staff also hold Cargo Aviation Security Principles (CASP) Level D accreditation.

Q – Do you use subcontractors?

We operate a policy of not using subcontractors, with the obvious exceptions of Air and Sea Freight and deliveries of consumables where a recognised courier service would be more appropriate. For more complex projects, it may be necessary to use subcontracted services for certain elements of the delivery process, for example, crane work.

Q – Are you happy to accept payment by card?

Yes. We accept credit and debit card payments but not Amex.