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Vehicles configured with protection & safety in mind

Two issues of paramount importance to be addressed when moving or relocating high-value, delicate and business-critical assets, which in some cases may contain sensitive data, are consignment protection and consignment security. At Carry Gently, these matters go hand-in-hand and all our vehicles are specifically configured with maximum protection and security foremost in mind.

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Our vehicle modernisation

We make significant investment in an ongoing programme of vehicle modernisation which helps maintain our professional image, reduces vehicle downtime, minimises environmental impact and allows us to adapt vehicle specifications to meet the changing demands of our market.

We can now accommodate the transport of 58u size Computer Racks which are becoming a feature of the IT and Data Centre industries.

Our vehicles are equipped with heavy duty Freightlock IQ security with electronic sealing and load integrity.

Our vehicles are equipped with customer accessible CCTV in our secure load compartments to monitor consignments door to door.


Satellite Tracking

A guest log-in to our vehicle tracking system can be provided to customers wishing to track the progress of the vehicle from collection to delivery. Typically, this will be just one of a number of measures contained in a Migration Security Plan.

Tail lifts

Tail-lift capacity ranges for 500 to 7500kgs and tail-lifts have anti-vibration platform surfaces. The larger vehicles have extendable
tail-lift platforms giving a max platform area of 4m x 2.45m. This is of particular use for larger items of industrial equipment.

Heated vehicles

The majority of vehicles have temperature regulated rear units. This means equipment can be kept at around the required operating temperature during transit, thus avoiding the need to re-establish ambient temperature on arrival. This is of particular relevance to business-critical Server relocations with restricted downtime windows.

Customer Vehicle Inspection

If you would like to inspect a vehicle before using our services for the first time, please contact us and we will make the necessary arrangements.

Vehicle sizes

Our vehicle sizes range from 3.5 tonnes (Sprinter Van) to 26 tonnes, with 7.5 tonne, 10.5 tonne, 13 tonne, and 18 tonne vehicle sizes in between.

New livery

Look out for the new livery that will make our vehicles instantly recognisable.