Siemens Medical


Scope of service

To deliver a large amount of new diagnostic equipment to Addenbrookes Hospital and also remove redundant equipment. This was broadly similar to other recent large scale deliveries on behalf of the client at hospitals in Aberdeen, Dundee, Stepping Hill and North Staffs.


Our solution

This was a significant project that required a total of nine 18 tonne vehicle loads to deliver the new equipment to Addenbrookes and four 18 tonne vehicle loads to remove the redundant machines.

As a first step in the process, all new equipment was shipped from the manufacturing plant to our Aldershot warehouse for storage pending site preparations being completed at Addenbrookes.

Method Statements and Risk Assessments were undertaken by our surveyor, who also made arrangements for the subcontracted crane service that would be required for part of the delivery process.

In advance of transit to Addenbrookes, our staff assisted customer engineers in de-crating, unpacking and pre-staging equipment prior to loading into the vehicles. As per normal, all waste packing materials were separated, with all cardboard being baled in our warehouse and sent for recycling.

The delivery was carried out in three phases, with the largest phase requiring the deployment of five of our 18 tonne vehicles and a suitably trained crew of 12 staff. Parking and access restrictions at the hospital meant that the crane work had to be undertaken on a Sunday morning. As is always the case with work of this nature, delivery was to the point of use.

The removal of the redundant systems was contemporaneous with the upgrade equipment being installed. Decontamination certificates having been provided, these machines were returned to Aldershot for storage, pending a decision by the customer re disposal, repair and refurbishment etc.


Customer benefit

Preparations of the delivery site at Addenbrookes fell behind schedule by a few weeks but with the equipment already in our hands, this issue was easily overcome by extending the pre-delivery storage period at Aldershot.

From the moment the equipment was delivered to Carry Gently, there was no need for the client to deal with any other transport supplier, and they knew we would handle all aspects of the delivery and collection process, thus allowing them to focus on meeting the service expectations of their own customer.

Customer engineers were able to work in our warehouse pre-staging systems, thus negating the need for any interim movement of the equipment.

Waste packing materials were recycled or disposed of in a manner which complied with the Client’s own environmental standards.

With Carry Gently having prepared the Method Statement and Risk Assessment, the client had the comfort of knowing responsibility for deployment of the correct resources to ensure a smooth delivery that complied with all relevant Health and Safety legislation lay firmly with us.

The client benefited from being able to collect the redundant systems using the vehicles that had delivered the new systems, thus minimising customer inconvenience and reducing costs.

From past experience the client knew that we would act in their best interests by ensuring the work was carried out with due consideration to the day-to-day running of the hospital, its staff, patients and members of the public.