Genisys Enterprises Ltd


Scope of service

To build, cable and power-test 70 computer racks for delivery to VUE Cinemas throughout the UK.


Our solution

The client placed the order for the 70 empty Racks and associated hardware, all of which was delivered direct to our Aldershot warehouse.

Working to a demanding project schedule and armed with Rack-build and wiring diagrams Carry Gently staff set about building the Racks to the required specification. After that, the Racks were cabled and a basic hardware power test was carried out prior to handing over to customer engineers who worked on site to carry out data configuration work. From there, it was a simple case of moving the Racks into a Carry Gently specialist vehicle for delivery to the VUE locations.


Customer benefit

  • The customer did not have sufficient space of their own which was solved by using our warehouse.
  • The customer saved money by using Carry Gently staff to build the Racks rather than IT contractors.
  • Customer engineers used the workshop areas in the warehouse, negating the need to transport the goods to the customer’s own site for configuration, prior to final delivery.
  • Environmental issues were taken care of with Carry Gently arranging waste packaging recycling and disposal.
  • The movement of equipment was kept to the bare minimum with one movement from the manufacturing plant to Carry Gently and then from Carry Gently direct to the end-user.
  • A Project Manager provided one point of contact for all queries.

This was an excellent example of a customer keeping tight control of a project by minimising the vendors in the supply chain and making use of the add-on services we can provide. This was a sizeable project for our customer and we were pleased to assist by providing a one-stop-shop for all their specialist transport requirements.