Scope of service

This was a new customer who contacted us because contacts in the commercial printing industry had recommended Carry Gently on account of our vast experience in this business sector. Printalicious were moving from two sites to a new location, all within the London area, and they asked us to answer the challenge of relocating the contents of their design suites, which contained Printers, Presses, Copiers, Guillotines/Cutters and Plotters and also some IT equipment, to the new location.


Our solution

On the face of it this seemed like a fairly straightforward assignment; the type of work we do regularly. However, when the client declared that the heaviest item to be moved weighed in excess of 7 tonnes, we knew this would be a demanding relocation exercise. As a first step, Site Surveys were undertaken in order to address all Health and Safety issues and to determine what resources would be required. Some of the equipment was too large to be taken out without being dismantled and the client didn’t have the necessary expertise to do this, so finding an engineer who could undertake that job was added to the list of requirements.

In the end, a complex but highly successful relocation took place using a combination of Machine Skates, a Forklift, a Hi-ab and Carry Gently vehicles.


Customer benefit

The customer only had to make one phone call and then it was up to Carry Gently to oversee matters from there by making sure the correct resources were deployed and that suitable subcontractors were engaged.

The move was undertaken on a Saturday and the customer was up and running and ready for business in the new premises on Monday morning.