Ciena: The Network Specialist


Scope of service

Storage and delivery of Core Optical products relative to the BT 21st Century Network (21CN) upgrade programme, which is designed to bring the UK’s telecoms network into the digital age.


Our solution

With upgrades required at BT Exchanges the length and breadth of the country, our client orders the products specific to each Exchange from the manufacturer in the USA. Initial delivery is to our Aldershot warehouse, where a combination of lockable caged area, racked and floor-standing storage is provided. Details of all inward consignments are sent to the client immediately upon arrival. Engineers then visit the warehouse to build racks and prepare consignments for delivery. After that, it’s a simple case of loading the consignments into one of our vehicles for delivery to some of the 5000 + mainland and offshore island BT Exchanges throughout the UK. In order to minimize cost to our client, deliveries are arranged in such a way that one vehicle might complete deliveries to 3 Exchanges in one day.

All deliveries are to point of use and all waste packing materials are removed from site. The technical aspects of the deliveries vary widely from straightforward ground-floor, to higher level deliveries involving StairClimber equipment or in some cases Cranes or Hi-abs.


Customer benefit

Once the equipment has been shipped to our warehouse, by engaging Carry Gently the client knows that only one supplier will be handling their product from that point all the way through to final delivery at the BT Exchanges.

In addition to providing a safe and secure warehouse environment with internal and external CCTV and RedCare Intruder and Fire alarms, the customer enjoys the use of the warehouse as a workshop area where preparatory engineering work can be carried out. They also know that Carry Gently will handle all aspects of the delivery process, no matter the complexity, and that we will take full responsibility for engaging and supervising any specialist subcontracted services that may be required.