Scope of service

To deliver populated Computer Racks and pallets of ancillary equipment to four UK locations.


Our solution

We had dealt with this client many times before and the commercial formalities were already in place.

The client asked us to receive and store four systems at our Aldershot Warehouse in the lockable caged areas. The systems were high-value and suitable Freight Liability arrangements were made.


Customer benefit

Site surveys were undertaken at the four delivery sites to determine what manpower and handling equipment would be required. Method Statements and Risk Assessments were also prepared and sent to the client.

From that point it was just a simple case of waiting for the customer to advise when the deliveries were to take place. With the surveys having been done and the systems already in our care, we were well positioned to accommodate short-notice delivery requests the customer made.

Unless instructed otherwise, our standard service is to deliver, unpack, position and remove packaging and that is what was required here. However, additional manpower was required at some of the sites because the Racks weighed up to 800kgs and we had to construct ramps to enable steps to be negotiated.With the Racks already populated on this occasion, there was no requirement to install servers. That said, this is also something that would be done as standard nowadays.

Given the high value of the equipment, the customer decided to make use of the facility whereby they were provided with a guest login to our vehicle tracking system, thus enabling them to remotely monitor the vehicle in transit from our warehouse to its destination.

This small project was completed to the customer’s complete satisfaction and we were asked to perform a second phase a few months later to the same locations.

This is the type of work that we see day in, day out and fundamentally the type of work that has been the mainstay of our existence for over 30 years.