Liverpool University


Scope of service

To position a new piece of high value, delicate Test Equipment inside one the University’s laboratories.


Our solution

This was a website enquiry from a customer we had not dealt with previously. The Laboratories Operations Manager contacted us to ask if we could assist with delivery of a large, high value Test System being imported from America imminently. From what was described it was obvious this was not going to be a straightforward matter and our Surveyor was deployed to see what could be done to help. The size of the system meant moving it through the building would be impossible and the only solution was to crane it onto the roof and take it into the Department of Chemistry from there. Our surveyor prepared a Method Statement, Risk Assessment and Lifting Plan for the crane. In accordance with normal practice, the customer was provided with copies of our insurance, maintenance certificates for all equipment to be used and evidence of training qualifications for the personnel undertaking the move.

The crated Test System was delivered to our Manchester depot from the airport. At this point it was noticed that the incorrect dimensions had been provided and it would not be possible to fit the crated system into any of our vehicles. While that issue in itself could be easily overcome by unpacking the system in Manchester, this would create the further problem of lifting a large unpacked system by crane. Re-packing into the original crate at Liverpool was not an option and the large amount of glass in the system meant there was an extremely high risk of damage were it to be lifted in unpacked condition.

To solve the problem we used our own lifting cage which meant the chains from the crane would not come in contact with the Test System, thus minimising the risk of damage.

As always, with more technically demanding jobs of this kind, we insist that the Surveyor be accountable for the survey findings by being on site to oversee and supervise the work. In this case the surveyor was also fully qualified as an Appointed Person for Crane Operation, which meant he could supervise the Crane work element of delivery.

The end result was that the system was delivered safely and on schedule.


Customer benefit

By engaging Carry Gently the customer benefited from using a company that could adapt easily to the changing demands of the project without increasing costs.

In this case this was because of (1) our high levels of technical expertise, (2) our ability to think differently to meet challenges and (3) the fact that our operating infrastructure includes a comprehensive range of non-standard handling equipment well in excess of the industry norm.

The customer also benefited from the fact that one of our staff is an Appointed Person for Crane Operations. This negated the need for a Contract Lift, which in turn resulted in a saving in project costs.