Shawline Asset Management Ltd


Scope of service

The removal of a 4m long (2.5 tonnes) BTU Pyramax 98 Oven and a 2m long (1.5 tonne) Europlacer Finesse machine from first floor level at an MOD contractor site.


Our solution

Our surveyor organised the subcontracted services that were required, namely, scaffolding and a crane and acted as Project Manager for the move.

The first stage of the move was to remove the Europlacer Finesse machine which was not on wheels. This was done by using a combination of Machine Skates and Long Pallet Trucks to manoeuvre it toward and through the narrow exit onto the scaffolding platform and directly into our lifting cage, after which it was secured appropriately. Then the cage was lifted by crane and placed directly onto the vehicle tail-lift, from where it was pushed into the vehicle and made safe for transit.

Next up was the Pyramax Oven. Again, Machine Skates and Long Pallet trucks were in use as this heavy machine was also not on wheels. As the photos show, we were left with millimetres of available space to get through the exit and onto the scaffolding platform, which in the meantime had been raised to meet the level of the exit point. At over 4 metres in length, this machine was too long to fit in the lifting cage, so we had to raise the scaffolding platform to ensure a level exit from the building. It was then a case of making sure it was suitably protected prior to being lifted by the crane and placed on the tail-lift.

The weight and size of the machines being moved necessitated the use of our 26 tonne vehicle which has a maximum tail-lift carrying capacity of 5 tonnes and extension platform giving an increased total working area of 4 x 2.45 metres.

As is normally the case with moves of this complexity, we insisted on our surveyor being on site to oversee and supervise the move. Being qualified as an Appointed Person for Crane Operations, he was also able to orchestrate and supervise that element of the work, which negated the need for and cost of a Contract Lift Operation.

The move was completed according to plan and without any issues.


Customer benefit

This customer had used Carry Gently many times before, so they knew they were engaging a team of highly experienced professionals with all the relevant skills and equipment required to undertake a move of this complexity. By investing time in the planning process, we ensured the correct resources were deployed and the work was completed per the project schedule. Here’s what the customer had to say:

‘Thanks once again for the awesome show of professionalism exhibited by your crew last week in Gosport. I have never seen anything quite like it!’
Adrian Short (Shawline Asset Management Ltd)