A major financial institution – name withheld due to confidentiality restriction


Scope of service

To relocate over 500 IT Media tapes from Paris to London for a major financial institution (name withheld due to confidentiality restriction).


Our solution

The physical movement of the tapes was in itself a fairly straightforward matter; however the tapes contained sensitive and confidential customer information and data protection implications were of paramount concern. As such, meticulous planning around inventory control and security for this relocation activity was essential.

A detailed Migration Security Plan was compiled, which covered matters such as:

  • Equipment handover and hand-back procedures
  • Consignment and vehicle security
  • Tracking procedures and route planning
  • Escort and decoy vehicles
  • In transit communication and key stage reporting
  • Incident notification procedures
  • General communication protocols
  • Contingency procedures
  • Intervention by Customs

Working strictly in accordance with the Migration Security Plan, the tapes were transported safely and securely in purpose-built crates to the destination site.
Tamper-evident seals were applied to the crates and the vehicle, and as standard for moves of this kind, the client was provided with a guest login to our vehicle tracking system, which enables remote monitoring of the vehicles in transit.

Security Checked personnel were used and the customer was assured by the fact our staff had undergone that screening process.


Customer benefit

The customer was able to meet its objective of ensuring no reputational damage was suffered through the loss of media containing customer data by investing sufficient time in the pre-implementation planning process and by making sure Carry Gently’s input was sought at an early stage in that process.