Thermo Fisher Scientific


Scope of service

Delivery of Analytical Instruments throughout the UK and Europe.


Our solution

The service we provide to this long-standing customer falls into two categories.

The first is the relatively straightforward collection of crated systems and subsequent delivery of these systems to handling agents at London Heathrow for onward delivery to worldwide destinations outside Europe. By necessity, this work is carried out by staff with the Cargo Aviation Security Principles (CASP) Level D accreditation.

The second is collection from the manufacturing plant and subsequent delivery and positioning of unpacked systems to universities and research establishments in the UK and Europe. In recent times we have undertaken deliveries in Ireland, France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Norway and Czech Republic. Typically, the size of these consignments necessitates the use of one of our 18 or 26 Tonne vehicles which provide up to 5 tonne tail-lift capacity and extendable tail-lift platform which gives a 4 x 4.25 metre working area.


Customer benefit

The customer benefits from using a specialist transport company that has the required fleet specifications to move its systems safely and securely.

Because we can move the systems for UK and European customers in unpacked condition using our own vehicles, there is no need for the client to pay for a packing and crating service, on top of which our delivery costs are significantly lower than the air freight charges for these large and heavy machines.

A significant investment is made in these products by our client and the end-user and both have the comfort of knowing that subcontractors will not be used in the delivery process, with Carry Gently taking sole responsibility all the way through from the point of collection to the point of delivery.