Gala Coral Group


Scope of service

To remove 30 populated Computer racks and other individual Server items from a Data Centre in Guernsey, arrange data wiping/cleansing, relocate some Racks and hardware to Woking and destroy the remainder.


Our solution

Our Operations Director, who was acting as Project Manager for this relocation activity, was deployed to carry out the Site Survey and Risk Assessment formalities in Guernsey. Given the nature of this client’s business, Data Protection issues were at the top of the agenda and it was deemed safest for data destruction services to take place onsite in Guernsey.

The necessary arrangements were made in that respect by the Project Manager and the data destruction and certification services were carried out in parallel with the removal of the hardware. Thereafter it should have been a relatively straightforward case of relocating the Racks and Server items. However, the client was working to a deadline in terms of vacating the Guernsey site but unfortunately the Woking Data Centre was nowhere near ready to receive the additional equipment being relocated.

As a solution it was agreed that all hardware would be stored in lockable caged areas in our Aldershot warehouse with access restricted to the client only. As and when space became available at the Woking Data Centre, client engineers visited the warehouse to determine what equipment could be relocated in each tranche and transits were undertaken accordingly.


Customer benefit

The unforeseen circumstances here did not present a problem because Carry Gently had the required infrastructure to meet the changing demands of this relocation exercise. Providing a solution that enabled the client to vacate the Guernsey Data Centre on time meant we were able to meet the project objectives without the need to engage other suppliers.