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Our main business activity is the movement and positioning of technological equipment pertaining to a diverse range of industry sectors.  This is often critical and complex in itself but many projects don’t begin and end there.  When it comes to the transportation and handling of high-value items of critical business infrastructure, the golden rule is to keep the number of parties involved in the process to an absolute minimum.   With that firmly in mind, over the years we have developed a full range of complimentary and support services to ensure we provide a seamless “total responsibility” solution, providing customers with a one-stop-shop for their specialist transport requirements and minimising the vendors in the supply chain.

The scale and complexity of our work varies widely and we cater for customers requiring anything from a straightforward transport only service to complex and time-critical multi-asset relocation projects, where the scope of service might require pre-planning, surveys, risk assessments, project management, dis-assembly, storage, re-installation, crane work etc.

All work is carried out by our own full-time employees, using our own specialist vehicles and our performance is backed by our own high levels of Freight Liability cover.  Accountability for your move starts and stops with us.  With the obvious exceptions of Air and Sea Freight we do not sub-contact work to other carriers.

We have extensive experience in working directly for some of the biggest household names and global institutions in the Information Technology, Finance, Defence, Government, Healthcare, Retail, Transport, Telecoms and Utilities sectors, as well as working for many small to medium enterprises.

Business relationships are viewed as working partnerships and we see ourselves as ambassadors for our customers when delivering to end-users. The professionalism and technical expertise acquired over 30 years, combined with our total commitment to customer care, enables us to deliver a quality of service far in excess of the industry norm.

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